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Kevin Taylor

by Kevin Taylor & Mary Conroy

Kevin Taylor: Piano Accordion, Piano & Mary Conroy: Guitar

  1. 1 The Gooseberry Bush / The Cup of Tea 03:23
  2. 2 Katie Taylor's / Paddy Taylor's 03:24
  3. 3 Eileen Curran / The Sandymount 02:02
  4. 4 The Tailor's Twist 02:11
  5. 5 The Cook in the Kitchen / Sixpenny Money 02:37
  6. 6 The Garden of Daisies 02:12
  7. 7 The Dog Among the Bushes / The Fisherman's Island 02:48
  8. 8 Con Curtin's Twins / The Knights of St. Patrick 02:05
  9. 9 Within a Mile of Dublin / Johnny Allan's 02:50
  10. 10 The Collier's Jig & Reel 02:15
  11. 11 The Boys of the Lough 01:43
  12. 12 Paddy O'Brien's Jigs 03:07
  13. 13 The Job of Journeywork 01:37
  14. 14 The Pinch of Snuff / The Flax in Bloom 02:33
  15. 15 Lady Gordon / Mary McMahon 01:44
  16. 16 Aggie Whytes / The Bloom of Youth 02:02
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